Environment Policy


In all our project processes; environmental awareness, health and safety of our employees are our main priority. In this direction, "Environmental and Human Health" on behalf of the necessary measures to ensure continuous development.

TAMYOL ASPHALT INC. is committed to fulfill the following requirements in order to develop our environment and management system and to provide a healthy, safe and clean work environment for our employees;

  • Always take the necessary precautions in advance in order to determine the hazards that will arise in the name of environment and human health
  • To comply with the legislation of our country and the conditions of the organizations we are in with respect to Environment and Occupational Safety and enforce them with sub-contractors
  • To raise awareness of our customers and suppliers about health and environmental protection
  • To raise awareness of our employees by providing periodic trainings on Environment and Work Safety
  • Minimizing the adverse effects of our studies on people and the environment
  • Keeping our policy open and accessible to interested parties